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I saw people saying there are jetpacks in GTA 5, but how can you get them? Do they even exist in the game?

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There's no jetpack in GTA V.

I tried following the instructions in the youtube video, even though it was already proved to be fake by CVG (a channel on YouTube). This person called Jimbothy did some video editing and just trolled to a lot of people. HoldTheKnife is another video uploader who did the same kind of thing. Both methods do not work. Just follow the comments under the videos. A lot of angry people. I hope this helps.

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After a super quick google search I found the following video(ATTENTION!!! Possible spoilers inside):

What is basically says:

  1. Get a fast car(Adder is recommended)
  2. Go to the prison
  3. Jump over the fence into the prison
  4. Stay alive for 48 real time minutes
  5. Get a chopper with machine guns(like a Little Bird)
  6. Go to the IAA building
  7. Find some transparent see-through windows
  8. Shoot it
  9. Jump out and parachute right into the window(be careful, you will lose lots of health)
  10. Find a jetpack there
  11. Try to use it(Right on a D-Pad)
  12. It will disappear and say that it will now appear at 48 Woodstone Cress
  13. 48 Woodstone Cress is located not far from Franklin's house
  14. Get there, enjoy your jetpack :)

P.S. I did not try(and will not) to get a jetpack in GTA V, so I do not know if this video is real or a good fake one P.P.S. Assuming GTA V has an M rating and one if its' parts is Strong Language, I did not add any warning about bad language in the video

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It's fake. There is no jetpack in GTA V although I suspect one will show up in DLC. – Alan B Feb 24 '14 at 9:20

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