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Can someone please list all the tips that appear during the loading screen?

I saw one about skill gems last night that I wanted to read but disappeared to quickly

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Here is a list of all of the loading screen tips:

  • Remember to use flasks (1-5 on the keyboard).
  • You can remove a {Skill Gem} from an item by right clicking on it.
  • Put a # before your chat message to talk globally.
  • Instances reset after being empty for 15 minutes.
  • Drop an item in the chat box to link it to other players.
  • Players in the same party will join the same instances.
  • Right click on a player or message them in chat to invite them to your party.
  • Support gems need to be placed in linked sockets to affect another gem.
  • Hold {Shift} to attack from your current location.
  • You can access your stash in town.
  • Waypoints can be used to travel quickly between some areas.
  • Flasks on your belt refill as you kill enemies.
  • Remember to allocate your passive skill points on the passives screen.
  • To reach the next difficulty level, find the exit at the end of the current difficulty.
  • To use a {scroll} or {orb}, right click it then left click the target item.
  • Hold {Shift} and click a stack of items to unstack them.
  • Never tell anyone your password.
  • Some items need to be {identified} with a {Scroll of Wisdom} before they can be used.
  • Cruel, Ruthless and Merciless difficulties incur an experience penalty on death.
  • {Skill Gems} gain experience as you do while they are equipped.
  • {Bosses} and {rare} monsters are more likely to drop powerful equipment.
  • If you cannot use a gem, placing it in an item will stop you from using the item.
  • Partying with other players makes enemies harder and rewards better.
  • Don't let enemies surround you.
  • You can change your key bindings in the {Options} menu.
  • You can move the minimap around using the {arrow keys}.
  • Your stash can be used to move items between your characters.
  • Being polite will get you invited back to play with people again!
  • There will be bugs.
  • You can only remove or place Flasks in your belt while your inventory is open.
  • Some chests have a better chance of dropping items than others.
  • Monsters that deal cold damage can freeze you.
  • Lightning damage can shock you, increasing damage taken.
  • Fire damage can ignite targets, causing them to burn for extra damage.
  • Holding Alt will show items on the ground, and pressing Z will toggle always displaying items and sockets.
  • Some containers can be opened by attacking them.
  • Monsters with the very rare "Wealth" mod drop a huge number of items.
  • Activating a new {Waypoint} is a way of saving your exploration through Wraeclast.
  • At vendors, you can trade an Iron Ring and a Skill Gem for a resistance ring.
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