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From the patch 2.2.0 notes:

New Features


  • Users can now modify their keybindings, including camera controls, by changing values in the keydefaults.lua file in the Settings folder. The keydefaults.lua file will not exist until you first launch a multiplayer game after the patch. Please see the contents of keydefaults.lua for more information

But I can't find this Settings folder.

Where is it? Or is there a better way of changing the key bindings?

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For the original Dawn of War 2 and the Chaos Rising expansion the file to be edited is here: My Documents\My Games\Dawn of War 2\Settings\_keydefaults.lua

For the Retribution expansion the file is here: My Documents\My Games\Dawn of War II - Retribution\Settings\_keydefaults.lua

Make the edits you want, then rename that to keydefaults.lua and it works!

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