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Would it be possible to have Steam run linux ready games natively, and non-linux based games through wine without having to run two instances of Steam?

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currently, no :( –  Qwertie ϟ Jan 26 at 3:19
@stasiomod falls into pieces that is very sad, they have a linux documentation on how to do this but they didnt write that into the code that is so easy to implement. –  stasiomod Jan 26 at 3:24
@staiomod one of the reasons this isn't in steam is because they want to get developers to create native Linux games instead of relying on wine –  Qwertie ϟ Jan 26 at 3:32

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Even if it could be technically possible, you can't be logged on the same Steam account at the same time in two different clients, and I imagine that you wouldn't have two accounts with games split around.

Running games on wine would also be game-dependant more than steam-dependant since each game has it's own requirements and prerequisites, therefore some might work, some might not. A better solution would be running dual boot, or a virtual machine, with both linux and windows, but I wouldn't rely on a virtual machine's performance.

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