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Can someone please suggest what is a good strategy and attachments for M21 and SVD rifles as I am really struggling with them. At which range should they be used, where to aim, at which rate to shoot, etc.

If I use it as an assault rifle with 4x scope then at middle-close range any regular rifle would outperform it. If I put 12x scope and snipe with it then the only way to get a kill for me is to find someone dumb enough to stand still while I shoot 3 times.

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You should treat them as designated marksman rifles and not true sniper rifles. In other words engage at medium range where you have the accuracy advantage but not at the extreme range of a sniper rifle. If the enemy gets too close, withdraw and find a better spot. Look for large stretches of open terrain so you can keep the target in sight to get off follow-up shots to your first shot. This'll help you actually get kills with them.

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+1 for the interesting link (nice description of difference with snipers) – LudoMC Jan 24 '11 at 19:29
Also game mode I found was the easiest to get kills with them was hardcore conquest. – serg Feb 12 '11 at 19:11

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