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A few days ago my internet started to bug arond when I was playing LoL, causing disconnects etc.

Now since I wanna participate in a small online tournament I wanted to know how to use the Pause function, so me or another player can pause the game when someone is disconnected.

Also: Can you only pause games in tournament mode or in different modes aswell?

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You can only pause in Custom Games using Tournament Draft mode using the /pause chat command. You can then unpause the game using /unpause or /resume. Here's a quote from the official competitive site:

This feature is only available in Tournament Draft Custom Games. The commands to use the pause feature are, as you might have guessed, /pause and /unpause.

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To add to this, there is a global pool of 30 minutes for the pause. Upon resumption, there will be a 5 second period to wait for players to get ready. The game can be resumed by any player on either team, and while paused, the camera cannot be moved. – Schism Jan 31 '14 at 16:33

You cannot pause games, unless it's a custom game. You can pause Tournament Draft games, by simply typing /pause in chat and unpause it by typing /unpause in chat.

Good luck mate.

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