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Recently, I unlocked adaptive paint (camouflage). What does it do? Is it similar to a chameleon in that it changes color depending on what environment I am in?

enter image description here

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It gives you the "appropriate" camouflage as you switch maps. Just a note, it doesn't really make sense on most maps. It gives you naval on operation locker, and it gives you snow on one of the CR maps that was supposed to have a blizzard levolution that got removed. – turbo Feb 4 '14 at 14:59
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It basically chooses the camouflage most suited for your environment. It's so you don't have to choose the right camouflage all the time when you switch maps.

There seem to be 8 groups of camouflage:

One-Off Patterns that do not fit into any other categories.

Colors determined by the current map on server.

Warm, saturated orange and brown hues.

Muted sandy yellows and various grays.

Predominantly blue.

White and light grays with little to no color.

Grays between slate and black.

Combination of browns and greens.

The color scheme used by the adaptive camouflage switches between the Desert, Naval and Woodland color schemes according to the map. There have been reports that not always the most appropriate scheme for a map is selected, like @turbo already mentioned. The Autumn, Snow and Urban color schemes are not included in the adaptive camouflage.

See this wikia entry for more details.

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Thank you for providing the source! +1 – Zero Stack Feb 4 '14 at 15:05
Do people actually bother manually switching camo? Seems like a PITA to me to have to do this every time. – SilverlightFox Feb 5 '14 at 12:04

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