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I've added a new character to my Borderlands 2 game on Steam. I'd like to play with several friends who are higher levels (30-64).How might I accomplish this without destroying my Commando (Lvl 72, UVHM)? Nothing I've tried has allowed me to save both characters.



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I've edited multiple characters without trouble. Are you sure you're saving each character to the right save file? There should be two, just edit and save them separately and it should work fine. –  Ben Brocka Feb 6 at 18:47
Hi Ben and thanks. I have save0001.sav through save0004.sav. I've been using 0001 exclusively as I don't know what the other's are for. I'd like to open the game and see both characters and be able to use gibbed's save editor with both characters. –  user68612 Feb 7 at 17:37
Open the other .savs, there's only one sav per character since the game auto-saves, your other char should be in one of them –  Ben Brocka Feb 9 at 17:40

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