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I am considering buying the counterfeit machine in Jetpack Joyride, but I am curious how it interacts with the double coins spin prize. Does it:

  • A. Remove the possibility of winning the double coins prize.
  • B. Make the double coins prize have no effect.
  • C. Make the double coins prize worth quadruple coins.


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You get X2 of all coins collected in a run. So if you collect 2000 with a double coins final spin win, you will get 4000 at the end of the run.

The only thing it does not apply to is purchased coin packs.

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Okay, so each coin would get quadrupled? Cool. I guess I misinterpreted what the Jetpack Joyride wiki said. – jamesdlin Feb 27 '14 at 6:48

According to the Jetpack Joyride wiki:

With the Counterfeit Machine, you receive 2x coins in all occasions, even when using the Final Spin Prize Double Coins.

So the double coins spin prize apparently would have no effect. =(

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I would think it x4s them. And for mega cash, try equipping Gemology and Free Ride. An expensive pair, but well worth the money.

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