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Almost* each time I play online, I have to set again all my profiles, which are empty and the colors/equipments of the characters. It's highly annoying. I don't get how this can be that these settings are sometimes saved and sometimes not.

(*) I was not able to pinpoint when it works and when it doesn't. I quit the game properly before switching off the console. There are no network issue when it happens.

Do you also experience this issue?
Is there a way to be sure that the configuration will be saved and retrieved the next I go to play online?

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Finally found this on Ubisoft forums:

This is a known problem with the game that the developers are currently investigating. In the meantime, please try this workaround:

  • Login to multiplayer and set up your profile.
  • After setting up the profile, logout of multiplayer and start a single player game.
  • Save the game in singleplayer, then log back in to multiplayer mode.
  • Your profile should now be saved correctly.

I didn't try the workaround yet as I'm too addicted to the multiplayer mode right now. I'll try this later and accept the answer if it works.
I put it here anyway. Who knows if it can be of any help in the meantime!

Tried the workaround which didn't work for me... :(
Let's wait for a patch then.

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