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I'm trying to unlock the Crystal Cruiser, and am on step 2 of the Ancestry quest, heading to step 3. I have already:

(1) Found the damaged stasis pod and (2) repaired the stasis pod and had a Crystal alien added to my crew.

Happily, the very next sector for me is the Rock home sector, but no quest marker ever appears in that sector. According to the version 1.03.3 change log (which happens to be the version I am running):

If you're carrying the Crystal alien from the stasis pod, the Rock Homeworld map will start with the appropriate quest marker for the beacon that leads to the Crystal sector.

I don't see that quest marker, and multiple attempts with this save file (which I backed up ... I know, I know!) have never given me the appropriate quest randomly. I should also point out that I have an active quest in the current sector that I am opting to skip. Could that be the source of my troubles?

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Dumb question but you are sure its a rock home sector and not border sector? – l I Feb 13 '14 at 1:13
The sector simply identifies itself as "Rock controlled sector" on the jump map. Is that the wrong place? – Jonah Bishop Feb 13 '14 at 1:27
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So, upon further inspection, the next sector in my game is a "Rock controlled sector" not the "Rock Homeworlds". As a result, the quest marker doesn't appear because I'm in the wrong place.

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that's right. It should say rock homeworld sector if it really is a homeworld sector. – l I Feb 13 '14 at 12:55

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