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I recently noticed in Black Ops that Jammers are the bee's knees for flushing out campers. If you can't reach a claymore with a flashbang, then just set a jammer somewhere close.

I noticed though that I didn't get shot by a Cobra while in the radius of my Jammer(and I didn't have Ghost Pro). So does the Jammer disable ALL enemy equipment including kill streaks? Also, does it disable RC-XDs?

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I'm pretty sure that jammers don't protect you from enemy air support. If you think about it, the jammer can't reach the chopper anyways, so why would it affect it? – user7268 Feb 22 '11 at 22:45
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The jammer disables claymores, sentry guns, and SAM turrets. It disables the radar and voice notifications of enemies in the vicinity of the jammer. It doesn't completely disable the RC-XD, but it messes with their speed and steering.

As far as I know, it doesn't prevent you from getting shot by helicopters.

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