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The Umgah Drone is probably my worst ship in Star Control melee. I know that in general I'm supposed to zip back close to the enemy ship while constantly shooting - attempting to damage it while passing - but the combination of slow turning speed and extremely fast zipping speed always makes me miss.

Not to mention I generally try to be with my face to the enemy ship - in order to block shots with my cone - and this means I'm not in the correct position to zip past them.

I've tried relying on the movement backward to dodge shots, instead of relying on the cone to destroy them; but that really puts me in a passive position where all I do is defend and not attack.

Does anyone have useful tips for efficiently using the drone?

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It really depends on the type of enemy you are fighting. It is a pure counter to the Chenjesu Broodhome, as the energy recharges sproadically so the DOG can't get to them easily. The Umgah Drone weapon does insane damage and can usually block/destroy any incoming projectile weapons (awesome against the Chenjesu Broodhome crystal attacks). . I find often that if I am able to turn and face the enemy, I would just charge blinding forward, get close enough to blast them. This works best if the enemy moves slowly or have a giant planet behind them.

Another technique I use is using the edges of the cone attack to nick the enemy. The width of the corn is much greater size than your ship. As long as I'm close enough to zip toward them, I turn my ship in such a way that as I zip past them, the corners of my cone attack nicks the enemy, which is usually sufficient to do great amount of damage.

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