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What day and time does the guild rep cap reset? I play on the US Wildhammer, a central time zone, realm. However, please answer this question so that it helps anyone from another realm.

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The weekly cap resets along with Daily Quests, at 3 AM, server time, on Tuesday Morning for US servers, and at 3 AM server, Wednesday morning for EU servers.

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Resets when all your realm resets occur, this is not the same moment on all realms.

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It resets (for most characters) at the same time as the raid resets, etc, which tends to be 3 AM Tuesday morning for the U.S. or Tuesday night for Oceania. However I've heard reports that it varies for some characters, and they may reset at 3 AM Monday mornings (U.S. time) or other times during the week. However I haven't experienced that myself.

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Actually, raids and other instances reset around Noon. It's just that realms are usually down between 3 and 12 on Tuesdays anyway, rendering the difference somewhat moot. – LessPop_MoreFizz Feb 7 '11 at 14:40

I also play on Wildhammer and Guild Rep resets at 4Am realm time, and so will your daily quests. Hope to see you on sometime!

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