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When can I help a player with a boss-fight?

Does "My Boss" have to be alive, and were is good practice to put ones summoning sign? The nearest bonfire or just infront of the boss?

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So long as you have the white soap stone you can begin helping other players whenever you want. You just use your white soapstone at a location and it'll appear in the worlds of other players at the same location, provided they are within 25% of your soul memory and the difference between your level and theirs is no greater than ((your level + 10) * 1.10). The location of your summon sign in an area isn't of huge importance, it just depends on whether you want to help them clear out the area first or not.

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Also, when there is a long way with tough enemies from the bonfire up to the boss gate, your chance of being summoned at the bonfire can be higher. –  Dominic De Coco Mar 24 at 12:45
I can confirm that you don't need to have killed the boss yourself to be able to help others, I have helped others to try and kill the smelter demon, while I haven't beaten him myself! –  Schwarzie2478 Apr 10 at 8:24
I'm having trouble putting my soapstone down and also it ain't letting me summon anyone –  user75134 Apr 24 at 17:40
I will like to add that on NG+(+++...) Soul Memory is no longer taken into account. Also NG+(+++...) characters cannot interact with NG characters. –  Fred James Apr 24 at 18:02

In order to be summoned by another player you need to leave you mark on the ground using a white soapstone. Look in your inventory if you already have one and then use in the area near the door leading to a boss (it doesn't matter if you have already killed the boss or not). Doing this will make your sign visible to all other players in the area who now have the option to summon you.

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