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I've just finished the Goth Kids quest, and my next quest is to pick a side. I'm curious how different the game plays for the two sides? In particular, my brother and I are both playing the game independently, and I'd like to know if we pick different sides, we'll be confused when talking to each other.

With as few spoilers as possible, please.

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They're basically identical.

Aside from the buddies available to you during the school invasion, events play out essentially identically.

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Yep this is correct, an extra tip I could give is save right before you pick so you can reload and get both the achievements. – Lyrion Mar 27 '14 at 7:55

The only thing that will be different is a brief buddy selection, one fight, and one or 2 cut scenes. Nothing major, no effect on the game play at all, just depends on who you want to make mad for a few minutes.

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