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In the scenario, Island Hopping for RCT3, I placed a roller coaster than meets the requirements for the apprentice objectives, however, I was not awarded the max speed one even though my coaster does meet the criteria. I have done test runs (by selecting the yellow circle) and the coaster has been open for a few runs as well (by selecting the green circle).

So my question; why did the game not award me the objective and how do I fix it?

Island Hopping Objective

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Are you sure that there is no other coaster in your park that doesn't meet this requirement? – StrixVaria Mar 28 '14 at 18:42
@StrixVaria Positive. This scenario is very difficult and you have to start from scratch, so this is the first roller coaster (or any ride for that matter) that I placed. – aman207 Mar 28 '14 at 18:44
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"Maximum speed" in this case means "cannot go over the listed speed", meaning you need to ensure that all roller coasters are under the listed speed.

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it doesn't say "minimum maximum speed" and judging by the scenerio description of "laid back and chillin'", Your max speed on any ride must not exceed the limit.

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