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Are there 14 or 15 combination attacks in Phantasy Star IV? What is the most powerful combination attack?

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There is a nice summary of combinations on, stating 14:

Ever since PSIV was, there have been claims that there are more than the fourteen combos listed below. Instruction books and hintbooks claim that there are fifteen or more. However, in all the years the game has been out, no legitimate combo has been published on the net, other than the ones below.

Black Hole - Negatis /-\ (Gra,Gigra,Nagra)

Blizzard - (Wat,Giwat,Nawat) /-\ (Zan,Gizan,Nazan) or (Wat,Giwat,Nawat) /-\ Hewn

Circuit Break - Hijammer /-\ Tandle

Conduct Thunder - (Wat,Giwat,Nawat) + Tandle

Destruction - Deban + Megid + Legeon + Positron Bolt

Firestorm - (Zan,Gizan,Nazan) /-\ (Foi,Gifoi,Nafoi) or (Foi,Gifoi,Nafoi) /-\ Hewn or (Zan,Gizan,Nazan) /-\ Flaeli or Flaeli /-\ Hewn

Grand Cross - Crosscut /-\ Efess

Holocaust - Savol /-\ Diem

Lethal Image - Death + Illusion

Paladin Blow - Rayblade /-\ Astral

Purify Light - Holyword /-\ Efess

Shooting Star - Burst Rocket + (Foi,Gifoi,Nafoi) or Burst Rocket + Flaeli

Silent Wave - Phonomezer /-\ Airslash

Triblaster - Wat /-\ Foi /-\ Tsu

where () means any skill or technique within may be used; /-\ means the order of the skills or techniques does not matter; and + means the skills or techniues must be performed in the specified order;

To answer the second part of your question, the most powerful combination is Destruction, as described in this article.

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I'd like to add that some combos like Firestorm or Blizzard get stronger if you user the stronger versions of the spells (Nafoi instead of Foi, in example). – Wilerson Feb 8 '11 at 20:46

I remember seeing a youtube video with a rare combo involving one of the female characters (I'm pretty sure Alys) running in front of the bosses really fast and slashing them while a spell was going.......I'd never found it when I owned the game. ....I'm pretty sure it was Alys so you couldn't use it later. Like her doing a quick slash with her boomerang weapon. So there is a legitimate 15th combo unless this was like a homebrew hack but it looked legit.

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Could you find this video and confirm the names? – Michel Mar 7 '14 at 18:56

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