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In characters stats I can see that Wildcat's Damage Bonus is 4/5, while Wolfe's is only 2/5. Piercing bullets doesn't have much difference.
However, I most often see people choosing Wolfe and minigun even though his advantage is only for Autogun Damage.

My question is... who of them actually deals more damage with minigun?

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According to the Alien Swarm Wiki the Autogun damage skill increases both, Autogun and Minigun damage, while the generic Damage bonus does not affect the Minigun.

This means that Wolfe does more damage with the Minigun than Wildcat.

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Keep in mind that most people won't wait up on Wolfe to trudge through a level with his autogun, leaving you alone and vulnerable. Wildcat has the highest speed in the game, allowing her to keep up with the team. – kotekzot Apr 11 '12 at 6:53

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