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I'm having some trouble in the episode where you're supposed to defeat the helicopter. I do pretty well in the episodes where you're supposed to avoid the helicopter fire. I must be missing a power play or something because I haven't been able to finish higher than seventh. How do I defeat the helicopter?

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Found this on gamefaqs for the ps3 version which is the same as the xbox version.

For this event you will need to build up your bar by drifting as well as avoiding missiles. Once you have done that use your Level 2 Power Play (Circle) button to deflect the missiles back at the helicopter. Destroy the Helicopter as fast as you can to reach the target time you need to get 1st.

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You live longer using level 1 power plays, but since this is a timed event not always useful. Level 2 power plays are the only way to do enough damage quickly enough. – uncle brad Feb 12 '11 at 3:22

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