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I finished Candy Box 2, and then started on Hard Mode. The last thing I need to do is defeat the developer, but I'm having issues. The strategy I used in normal mode are not working for me in Hard Mode. I tried multiple Beserk potions, the BlackHole-Then-Run method, and even just brute force. He keeps killing me on the last bit of the second set of words. What strategy can I use here?

I used 5 pains au chocolat (2x power, 2x magic, 1x HP) already, and have the Scythe and the enchanted spoon. I have every other piece of inventory as well. What can I do?

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Did you try this answer? – Batophobia Apr 11 '14 at 14:29
@batophobia yup, and up voted the comment asking what to do in hard mode, as this method did not work for me. I tried the methods listed in that question. – Canadian Luke Apr 11 '14 at 14:49
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I used the Giant Spoon of Doom, the Octopus Crown with Jaspers, the Red gloves, and the non-enchanted Knights Armour. I cast Fireball every 5 seconds, and drank a bezerk potion once I approached him. Once my timeout was done, I drank the Turtle potion so I could last the first attack. I drank a health potion next, so I could survive beating him, just as the yellow was almost finished.

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