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I recently obtained the card Bloodknight (for the second time, the first time I automatically scrapped without thinking about it).

Now I know I've assumed it was bad but after thinking some about it I honestly can't find a downside to it (at least for me).


  • Remove Shields: Removing enemy shields seems like one of the obvious plays for this card as it gains +3/+3 for every single one. This makes it amazing against those pesky paladins who run like 5 shielded units.
  • (3) 3/3: It's a (3) cost for 3/3. So by no means is it a bad card. Yes there are better alternatives such as Ironfur Grizzley or Harvet Golem but I feel like its potential makes it actually worth that chance that it will be worthless.
  • Sunwalkers: I always run 2xSunwalker in my deck. So naturally I'm going to at the least remove one of theirs, then if I'm vsing a paladin it's nearly a no brainer to have the BloodKnight in my deck.

Question(s): Are there any reasons that I shouldn't run this card? The main mindset I have is possible alternatives that may be required more than the BloodKnight. Is there any other reasons I wouldn't want to other than being limited to a specific number of cards?

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bloodknight is great in arena as divine shield is far more common there. In normal play you may not see divine shields as often. Also, harvest golem is a great 3 drop that's good in all situations as compared to the specific blood knight. –  z ' Apr 11 '14 at 16:43
I use it in my Paladin deck. With a good hand, I have a 9/9 Bloodknight out in no time. –  AtlasEU Apr 12 '14 at 11:22

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There are so many options at 3 mana- Harvest Golem, Scarlet Crusader and Shattered Sun Cleric are just the neutral ones. All of them are effective in any situation.

Blood Knight's 3/3 may look respectable but without its ability it will often die to a 2 mana 3/2, perform badly against most 3 mana minions and die horribly to bigger minions. It's also an ability that only comes up in certain decks- Rush, Zoo and Paladin decks use Divine Shield but it's otherwise a dead card.

In decks with divine shield, blood knight can be extremely powerful, especially against other decks that are. Warlock Zoo decks are starting to run blood knight for mirror matches, for example.

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Well put, I appreciate the explanation. I was aware it was situational but the (2)3/2 card mention is a good point. –  Shelby115 Apr 11 '14 at 18:06

If you run the bloodknight in a divine shield heavy Paladin deck you could definitely get some value out of it and get a big scary guy out on turn 2/3 (if you get an argent squire on turn 1). Not to mention if your facing a divine shield heavy deck then you could definitely get some value off of the bloodknight. Other than that he is an average cost card as he is a 3/3 for 3. Overall he is an alright card to run in your deck although if you need the space for another card chuck it if it will server you better.

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