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I don't know much about Javascript. Can someone help me with level 4 of Untrusted? I'm not sure how to use the title multiplicity.

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Make another exit:

map.placeObject(10,10, 'exit');
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Multiplicity, in programming, refers to relationships between objects.

In this case, it's referring to the relationship between the Map and the Exit:

  • Usually: 1 map has 1 exit.
  • For this level: 1 map can have n (n > 0) exits.

Therefore, simply add another exit (with the map.placeObject() function), and use that instead.

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What @zero said, this is one level where HasXObjects is not checked. Neither is AtleastXObjects checked.

Go crazy with it. But do try and learn a little Javascript.

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you can put an if(x) in there and the whole loop is bypassed :)

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