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I just had a game of Random Draft and wanted to repick Phantom Lancer after Earthshaker and Bloodseeker were picked against us. I know that in some game modes such as All Random you can repick. I am not sure whether I just didn't find the repick option quick enough, or if it is disabled in Random Draft.

Now, I just checked the Liquipedia and Gamepedia, neither has an article on repicking, nor lists whether repicking is possible for each mode in the Game Mode.

Which game modes in DotA2 allow repicking?

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So, after creating a few lobbies against bots for science:

The repick button is located in the bottom left, above the map.

repick button is located in the bottom left, above the map

The following game modes allow repicking:

  • All Pick
  • Least Played
  • All Random
  • Single Draft (among the three drafted)

These game modes do not allow repicking:

  • Random Draft
  • Ability Draft

Couldn't test the captain modes, as bots don't pick captains. ;)

Edit: I would assume though that all Captain Modes don't allow repicking, as that would make no sense.

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CM does not allow repicking. As soon as you choose your hero(s) the enemy's turn starts. Repicking in this scenario would destroy the purpose of the mode (counterpicking etc) – Wandang Apr 13 '14 at 17:42
Obviously, in CM mode, a captain cannot repick/reban a hero.:) – Ulfric Stormcloak Apr 14 '14 at 9:16

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