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On teamliquid wiki page about viking there is two bonus features:

Bonuses: +4 vs Armored air

Bonus DPS: +2 vs Armored air

I understand that Viking do +4 more damage to armored units (comparatively to non-armored), but what does "Bonus DPS" mean?


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They are recalculating the DPS (damage per second) based on the bonus. So they do 4 more "damage per shot", which results in 2 more "damage per second" of sustained attacking.

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I've got it myself.

Viking has (against ground units, for example)

Ground Attack: 12(+1)

Ground DPS: 12(+1)

So against armored unit he makes bigger damage, so he DPS is also bigger...

so against usual unit it does 12 DPS, so against armored his DPS is 14.


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No, see Resorath's answer. You have to compare it as Damage (spent each X seconds) against DPS (spent in one second). The first one is more useful to know how much damage a bullet does, while the second one is more useful to compare the damage the unit does against other units. – Tom Wijsman Feb 11 '11 at 17:41
For me both answers looks similar – Budda Feb 13 '11 at 21:41

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