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I've been looking around for translation patches for Xenoblade and The Last Story for a while now. Seeing as Xenoblade has been out in Japan for a little while now I figure there must be a patch for it by now.

To my knowledge there is a Italian patch for the game at the moment, which makes me think that there must be an English one.

Anyone have any information about a menu/subtitle patch for Xenoblade? I'm sure there must be one either in the works or completed.

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So I spent a little time looking into this and I found out the following:

A patch does exist if you run the iso in an emulator (given the policies here I'm not going to link you, but I have confidence you can find it, just start by looking for an Italian patch).

If you want to avoid an emulator (for obvious reasons), then your next best bet is to wait until Xenoblade is released in NA. It is still on Nintendo's calender for 2011.

If you can't wait, there is a subtitled walkthrough on youtube

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If you're looking for an English copy, remember that America isn't the only place to make English translations of games. Usually you can get a European copy or an Australian copy before the game is released in America. Generally, European copies will run on a normal Wii, but if you have any trouble try looking for an application for modded Wiis called RegionFrii which will allow you to convert the game to NTSC-U format, which is used in American copies.

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