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Is there any way that a laptop can be used to control a PS3? Most of my searches have turned up articles aimed in the other direction (using a PS3 controller on a computer), but I've not found anything quite relevant to this.

I imagine it could be possible through some sort of WiFi or Ethernet application, but probably the most straightforward way would be over Bluetooth. Is there any software that can do this?

I'm particularly looking to be able to use my laptop as a controller to navigate menus and use applications such as Netflix.

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what specifically would you like to do? For example UPnP can allow you to play files from/to ps3 –  bronzebeard Feb 13 '11 at 7:18

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The PS3 is a closed system, so it's unlikely you can do what you're asking.

However, as homebrew software becomes more available you may find something to suit your needs.

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And homebrew software will be created very soon for a lot of things because the PS3's private key was cracked. So now anyone can sign their own code as being valid –  Earlz Feb 14 '11 at 6:22

For now, if I'm not mistaken, there is only the Sony Vaio computer that has an application to the remote for PS3. There are many limitations. You can simply send messages to friends and read your file videos / audios.

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Found the app, and a hack to get around the Vaio requirement. Unfortunately, this is not quite the remote control I was looking for though. –  Iszi Aug 20 '12 at 18:39

Yes you can control your PS3/PS4 with your laptop/PC.

No the Laptop doesn't have to a certain Brand.

Even the Sony Vaio Remote Play software has been hacked to work on ANY Laptop. (Yes, I also have this installed on my laptop currently)

You can install the sixaxisemulator on your PC. Then you will need a method of connecting. Either with a compatible BT device or a USB Dongle you will have to make yourself. If you want to do this wireless with BT you will need a LINUX/Ubuntu PC, because Windows BT stack is limited.

Here is the website for GIMX: http://blog.gimx.fr/?b2w=http://diy-machine.blogspot.com/ All you need to know is there.

Yes it does work.

Yes, I have used it... about 20 minutes before posting.

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What do you mean "USB dongle you will have to make yourself"? I'm pretty sure pre-fabricated USB cables are available for just about any USB-to-USB connection you might possibly need to make. –  Iszi Jan 8 at 22:30

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