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In the dungeon Pharos Sirius, some area blasts are called "Aetherial Detoation". What is a detoation? A typo/bug? Something from Final Fantasy lore?

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Looks to me like a bug (a localization typo). This thread on the official forums seems to confirm that:

The original poster asks:

The aether bomb in Pharos Sirius, the ones near "Aether Valve"s on the stair cases causes "Aetherial Detoation". I'd be inclined to say that it most probably should have been "Aetherial Detonation"

A user identified as a "Dev Team" member replies:

Good eye! These issues will be resolved with a future update. Thank you!

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Quality answer! Thank you! – maxwellb Apr 21 '14 at 3:20
I'm reminded of the "dedotated wam" comment. – Riking Apr 21 '14 at 5:34

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