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I have made another world with multiverse. in that world I am not able to enter the nether/end. I haven't tried anything to fix this. please Help!!!

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What happens when you try? –  fredley Apr 27 at 15:44
When ever I try it just won't work. I just stand there and nothing happens –  user74676 Apr 27 at 15:46
Can you give more detail about your problem, maybe like specific details of what is happening? -1 for lack of detail. –  DatEpicCoderGuyWhoPrograms Apr 27 at 15:48

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It seems that when you are using Multiverse, Nether and End worlds are not created automatically. I have found some documentation that seems to explain what you need to do, in particular:

  • Each world gets its own nether by default.
  • For a world named X, the Nether world is named X_nether.
  • If a Nether exists for a world (e.g. X_nether is already a world), the portal takes you there. Otherwise, nether portals do nothing in that world - the plugin will not create a nether world for you. (The converse is also true, for players already in the Nether.)

Inevitably, there are users who want to use Nether-style portals to teleport to other regular worlds. With Multiverse-NetherPortals, this is easy! Just link the two worlds together.

"Linking" worlds involves setting the destination of nether portals in one world (call it X) to another specific, usually non-nether, world (call it Y). To link all the Nether portals in X to world Y, run:

/mvnp link {end|nether} X Y
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