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There doesn't seem to be any options interface in the Tag: The Power of Paint, so I can't look up what it might be bound to, but is (paint unassisted) jumping impossible?

Eerily similar to Princess No-knees...

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No, you cannot jump.

You can, however:

  • Gain momentum by using red paint (speed) on a slope to fling yourself upwards.
  • Use green paint (bounce) to bounce upwards (but also climb upwards when used between two walls.)
  • Also you've got the blue paint (sticky) to walk on walls/ceilings.

By Princess No-Knees you seem to refer to "Narbacular Drop", indeed there is no jumping there either.

Funny fact: Valve hired the Narbacular drop team to create portal (wherein you CAN jump!)

Funny fact2: Valve then hired the team that created "Tag" to help develop portal 2 (Also there is jumping).

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Can you explain to me why you posted that link? :P – Pieter888 Feb 16 '11 at 11:47

You need to spray green paint, stepping on it causes your jump.

This works where red paint = speed up and blue paint = climb/walk on anything

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