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I wonder if a gem / a sentry ward or dust reveals Slark's Ultimate "Shadow Dance".

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No............. –  Ulfric Stormcloak Apr 30 at 9:43

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Slark is not entirely invisible, as one can still see the little cloud he hides in. This means that he can't be directly targeted rather than being plain invisible.

As to answer the question: No, GoTS and Wards do not reveal Slark. According to this, he can only be revealed by Void's Chronosphere

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yep I know that you see the cloud, but I wondered what can make him visible. I was not 100% sure if I am correct, so thank you for answering. –  RayofCommand Apr 30 at 10:00
Appreciated. Still, the concept of Slark's invisibility - although mechanically is closer to actual invisiblity - feels like it's strategic use is closer related to the BKB –  user1337 Apr 30 at 10:01
Yeah, off the top of my head, the only AoE stun that goes through BKB is Warlock's ult. –  Kenneth Apr 30 at 11:01
There are quite a few others, like Enigma's Black Hole, Faceless Void's Chronosphere and Clockwerk's hookshot. Here's a bigger list... gaming.stackexchange.com/questions/58487/… –  Costa Apr 30 at 14:05
@Costa I never said that Shadow Dance is mechanically the same as BKB. I even said that it resembles it from a strategic point of view, as in "It prevents you from being targeted in a fight, granting highly increased survivability by not being able to target". It's not even closely related to BKB mechanics wise. –  user1337 May 11 at 9:54

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