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In EVE Online, I have heard if you lose your ship, you have to buy a new one. What happens if you are low on cash when your ship is destroyed? Is there a basic spacecraft that can be used to gather more money, or is it impossible to play afterwards?

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Rule #1: Don't fly anything you cannot afford to replace. Rule #2: Don't fly anything you are not prepared to lose. Rule #3: Buy an insurance. –  Assylum May 2 at 20:34

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Each time you arrive in a station where you have no ship in your capsule (or you activate your clone in said station), you are given a rookie ship of your race with a basic mining laser, weapon and a complimentary piece of tritanium.

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Gotta love that complimentary tritanium –  user1337 May 3 at 10:18

When you arrive to station in capsule you or your clone is activated in station you will find in hangar rookie ship (noob ship). If you have no money to buy other ship, you can then hunt pirates on asteroid belts (in high sec systems only) to get at least some isk. But keep in mind, that doing this way you will get very little amount of isk.

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