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Where/how can you acquire a Tanooki Suit in Super Mario Bros. 3?

The Tanooki Suit gives you the ability to fly (like the leaf/racoon tail) but also gives you the ability to briefly turn into an indestructible statue. It looks a bit like a teddy bear.

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What is the Tanooki Suit? I play the game a lot but don't know the proper names for everything. – stephi Nov 10 '11 at 20:24
@stephi - its what Mario is wearing after you pick up/use the Item that looks like a leaf. :) – Ash Nov 10 '11 at 20:32
@stephi: No, the leaf just gives you the racoon tail. The Tanooki Suit looks more like a teddy bear. It gives you the ability to fly (like the leaf/racoon tail) but also gives you the ability to briefly turn into an indestructible statue. – Craig Walker Nov 11 '11 at 16:01
Tankooni suits are found in toad houses later in the game. This is a link to a video of a tankooni suite (for those who asked what it was, @stephi).… – user237104 Jul 29 '13 at 0:16
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RED MUSHROOM HOUSE: Vends tanooki suits! Get one, they rule!

LEVEL 4-5: Later on, you'll see a brick in the sky. Bounce off the bullets to hit it. A vine will spawn. Do the same thing to get up to it and climb it. You get a tanooki suit! Hit the P-Block and follow the coins to safety.


MUSHROOM HOUSE: Grab a tanooki suit now!

LEVEL 5-5: Whoever thought up this level should be shot! Go down the second pipe for a tanooki suit, but careful not to get any leaves or it goes to waste.

MUSHROOM HOUSE: If you're lucky, you get a tanooki suit.


MUSHROOM HOUSE: This one is interesting. It only vends Tanooki suits, hammer suits, and frog suits. hehe.

FORTRESS: The fourth block on the top of that overhang is a P-Block. You can imagine what that does.... ;) However, it'll create a door which has a Tanooki suit ready for you. DO NOT get the fireflower or you're screwed. Time is of the essence on this level.

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Choose the first box in World 5's mushroom house. It works every time.

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NES--Most--if not all--of the Tanooki/Hammer suits in the first red/brown or blue mushroom houses(depending on which of the houses you see first on the map) in each world are in the first box. Second and additional houses have a different location and maybe the same box every time, too. I don't know if every cartridge is exactly like this or not, but it probably denotes a pattern that allows you to collect a lot of goodies. So, if it is not your first box for you, it's probably the same box in your cartridge. The orange/golden houses appear to be far more random, but Frog suits appear to be really easy to get in most of the houses that have them. It can be like "stealing"; I have gotten to the point that I hate Mushrooms and feel indifferent about Fiery Flowers.

SNES(...All-Stars)--Most--if not all--of the Tanooki/Hammer suits are in the middle box of those same first houses. Again, everything follows the same pattern.

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What makes you think there is a patter in the boxes? I'm asking because I remember hearing somewhere that the item you get is actually decided the moment you step into a mushroom house. – DJ Pirtu Nov 6 '14 at 8:49
@DJPirtu IIRC it was based on the time between when you entered the house and when you opened the box, and could be timed precisely enough to reliably get the same thing on every playthrough (just like taking a P-run at the box at the end of each level would get you a star 90% of the time) – Random832 Aug 6 '15 at 22:14

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