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Using cracked red orbs, I would like to know where are the best places to invade hosts and manage to get a kill eventually using monsters and traps to get tokens of spite.

I am not very good at duelling but would like to practice so I need to get a kill to join the brotherhood covenant.

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If you just need a Token of Spite to join the covenant, there is one in a chest at the bottom of the pit in Majula. –  hammar May 18 at 20:22
hahaha, I did wonder the same, but then I invade someone in Lost Bastille and when he's fighting a dog, I drain the blood out of him and the lady got her token of spite. –  Hendry May 19 at 1:13
I am really bad at this, I keep falling into lava, holes and it seems people always lag so badly I kept getting backstabbed when the guy is in front of me in the screen. It looks like for PvP you need to learn the dash or rolling + attacks and timing to beat the lag. Rolling is almost OP, also it is extremely hard to hunt someone who is dashing away to heal. –  BlueTrin May 19 at 10:08
If someone is able to go away and heal in time, it obviously is because of your build. You are the one that needs to adapt. Still, before the executioner chariot could be great place to invade someone, since it's a pretty difficult and stressful part, try there –  Jubatus Sep 5 at 7:41

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