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I started to play a sniper but I won't use Vats.

I heard, that a shot with a sniper rifle hits exactly where you aim. If that's true, the perk "Trigger Discipline" would be completely useless for me, right? Moreover a disadvantage, because of the lower fire rate.

If I'd use Vats, I may get more accuracy. But for me, this is just a cheat-mode and I want to play a game instead of watching a film here.

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High accuracy reduces bullet spread, but sniper rifles have very little spread when you fulfill its Strength/Guns requirements. They also have a good fire rate for a long range weapon, so you might prefer not to get this perk, which is better on weapons with high spread, like shotguns.

Just note that Fallout is not exactly a shooting game, and it might sometimes frustrate a player that chooses to avoid VATS. Think of VATS more like making the game be "turn-based" instead of a "cheat mode".

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Thank you. :) Yeah its true, but if you decide to not use it, you have loads of accuracy perks you won't need and can create a more unique character. Beside, you can go with Agility 1. Greets – TrudleR May 22 '14 at 13:58

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