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Favimon obviously uses a type map where type A is strong against type b. I've noticed that google seems to be strong against microsoft. Is there a listing of these advantages somewhere?

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I made Favimon! At the moment, there is no rock-paper-scissors type system to give some classes an advantage against others. I did have one when I first launched the game, but because there are so many classes, it quickly became unmanageable and almost never affected combat anyway, so I took it out.

Thanks for your interest in my game!

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Classes only really affect the pool of actions available to each favimon. For example, sites of class stackoverflow could have an 'Addiction' or a 'Tumbleweed' attack; sites of class gaming could have a 'game over' or a 'noticeable lag' attack; sites of class advice could have a 'step-by-step' attack; sites of class 'how-to' could have an 'fyi' attack; etc.

When a favimon appears on the field, four actions are chosen from the pool. For example, is of classes 'stackoverflow gaming how-to advice', so it could come equipped with e.g. "Game Over", "Tumbleweed", "Step-by-step" and "Addiction."

Given that there are as of now 286 different classes, I don't think Favimon has a proper rock-paper-scissor system.

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When you hover an action, its associated class is mentioned in the tooltip. – badp Feb 20 '11 at 3:46

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