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I've searched all over but there seems to be no way to create a single player versus A.I. game (i.e. one that would allow cheat codes) with arbitrary team sizes, e.g. 1 versus 7 or 2 vs 6 on an 8-player map.

In Starcraft 1, I enjoyed playing against many AIs with cheat codes enabled to give me a chance. In Starcraft 2, the UI acts as though I'm allowed to drag team members arbitrarily, but in an uncharacteristically poor UI design by Blizzard, simply fails to add them without any indication that I did anything wrong. I've tried changing the game mode to custom game, custom teams, etc. And it still doesn't work. Any clue?

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You could quite easily make a map for this in the editor, but seeing as you cannot host custom maps in singleplayer, you would need to make up your own cheatcodes and code them in.

No way to do this through the standard interface as far as I know.

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Why not create a game vs. 4 and play it without cheating? To each his own I guess...

AFAIK you can't create two teams, one with the size of 1 and 7 or 2 and 6. However you can create a FFA game against 7 AI, or - if I remember correctly - a game 1 vs 3 vs 4. FFA is probably closest to what you want?

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Nah, FFA is a different game entirely. Using cheat codes, while evoking an unwarranted negative knee-jerk reaction in many gamers, actually enables game dynamics (and challenging ones) that otherwise wouldn't be available (e.g. 1 versus 7 with infinite resources). It's amazing that SC1 allowed this, but SC2 does not. – vargonian Feb 20 '11 at 11:10

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