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I recently finished Act 3 on my newest character and hit level 51, and I was thinking it would help to deck me and my companion out with mods from the Makeb comms vendor. I had enough comms to take care of most of my slots, but not enough to even start on my companion.

How can I quickly acquire Basic comms now? Techniques that are only doable once per day are fine as long as they're efficient.

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Unless low level enemies don't drop loot for high levels, you could easily run through lower leveled areas and stomp on the enemies. You might come across some (but it is not the best way). – Shadow Z. Jul 4 '14 at 3:17

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Pretty much all low-lvl heroics give Basic commendations.

Here is a list with all Heroics, one for Republic and one for the Imperial side. The rewards are outdated, the quests aren't. The amount of commendations should be the same.

If you're a trooper or smuggler you can get 9 commendations by doing the heroics on Ord Mantell.

[weekly] Searching for Allies, Complete a random flashpoint with the groupfinder. 10 commendations. [weekly] Priority Targets, Kill 3 worldbosses. 6 commendations

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Seeing that they removed Planetary Commendations and replaced them with Basic Commendations, you can do a variety of things to get them.

  • Warzones reward you with Warzone Commendations, which can be exchanged for Basic Commendations at one of the Warzone prize vendors. The daily and weekly Warzone quests give more Warzone Commendations that you can trade for Basic ones.
  • Flashpoints (either normal or tactical) both give Commendations, either from bosses or completion, and the daily quests give even more, along with the weeklies.
  • Heroics reward you with some.

(I will update this list as I locate more ways to obtain them.)

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