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Premise: I really don't know the soccer technical terms in English so I hope you'll understand me.

I'm playing a classical 4-4-2. When one of my wings has the ball I can't get my lateral defenders to help them. They remain behind the centerfield line instead of going forward to get the ball and cross.

The UI is a "little bit" ugly, I can't find any option to give the instruction to my player.

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Under Team Style in the tactics screen, Player Support and Attacking Style are the key settings.

A higher Player Support value will make players more likely to make forward runs ahead of the man in possession.

A higher Attacking Style value will make players more likely to make runs wide, rather than through the middle.

Perhaps look at Barcelona's tactics, as they tend to have very aggressive full-backs.

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Ok so that does not depend on specific instructions to a player, right? I mean basically I want asymmetrical full-backs (tnx for the term). Only the left one has to sustain the wing, on the right I have krasic as wing and he can handle it. – dierre Feb 21 '11 at 19:27
@dierre I don't think the tactics system is in-depth enough to do individual instructions, but, just moving the player further back might help. Maybe try using less aggressive team instructions and changing the more attacking full-back's role to WB. An ugly solution would be to try giving the defensive full-back a CB role. – Kitt Basch Feb 23 '11 at 17:46

Besides setting the team style, you can also use 1-2 pass more often to make your sidebacks more aggressive in attacking.

Also, if you are confident enough by your domination in opposite half, set both your sidebacks to wing backs.

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