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I've been leveling my Imperial Agent as Light the whole game, and hit Light V shortly before finishing Corellia. After I finished the Act 3 story I went to Section X on Belsavis and got HK-51 as a companion. I'd like to increase my affection with him while questing on Makeb, but apparently most Light choices make him lose about affection while Dark choices tend to gain about 100 affection. I'm willing to lose Light V to get affection with him, but I'd like to have gear in my relic slots too.

What level 50+ relics are available that don't require you to be as Light/Dark as possible, and where can I acquire them?

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You can get relics like that from Operations, or from Artifice crafters who have learned the schematics. I am mostly sure that the end game commendation vendors do not sell relics, but you can get some Arkanian level relics from the Oricon storyline (level 55) as well as Dread Guard relics from Classic comms.

I should also note that the Unranked PvP relics are quite good, even for PvE, and only require 700 Warzone Comms each.

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There are a lot of relics that do not require level 5 alignment. Many are crafted, so talk to your favorite high-level crafter for those. The rest are mostly available from running operations.

If you complete the bulk of the Oricon quest series and get to the Dread Palace Courtyard to complete The Bastion of Fear/Descent Into the Dark Fortress quest, you receive one end game relic.

You can get your other relic drops from operations, or buy relics with commendations (at the vendors in the Supplies section in the fleet) received from those same operations (if you don't get the drops).

You only have to run story mode (SM) to get enough commendations for the relics, though running hard modes (HM) may help you get there faster assuming you can complete HM runs.

All of the relics from operations do not have alignment requirements.

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You probably should add which commendations you need for the relics you can buy with commendations –  Damek Jun 1 at 19:10

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