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I set a command block to /tp. It was supposed to activate only if you had 0 time left, and to activate the command block with a hopper clock to keep giving it power.

But it is not checking if you have 0 time left, so it keeps teleporting me. I can't get close enough to the command block to break it, so I'm stuck in a neverending teleport loop.

Any ideas?

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If you are running this world on a multiplayer server, you can disable command blocks completely via the server properties. Shut down the server, open server.properties with a text editor of your choice and set

enable-command-block = false

This disables all command blocks. Join the game, destroy the command block in question and reenable them afterwards.

In singleplayer, it's a bit more complicated. You have to open the world as a multiplayer* server. Open server.properties and set

level-name = [relative path to your savegame]

e.g. saves/world (use / to divide folders).

*If you haven't run a multiplayer server yet, you can download the server.jar (or server.exe) from the Minecraft website and save it wherever you want. Run it once to generate some files, including server.properties and a savegame called world.

To join your own server, connect to localhost or in Minecraft.

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I think that this solution works best if you're already running a server. –  Riking Jun 2 '14 at 9:14
I'm a little surprised there isn't a game rule for this, that you have to do it through server properties. –  MBraedley Jun 24 at 0:24

For situations like this, an external world-editing tool is best. Find the command block, and delete it.

A common one is MCEdit, which is available here: http://www.mcedit.net/

As @MrLemon mentions, you could be running a multiplayer server, in which case MCEdit is a bad idea -- the download time of a 60GB map is non-negligible. In that case, follow his answer.

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Destroy the block using a world editor, then use a command block to comparator for the test part with the /testfor command.

You want the comparator to go to a command block that just puts up a message to find out if the /testfor command and comparator are working properly. Do not start the /tp command until you have confirmed that the first two parts are working in conjunction with each other properly.

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You could change the gamerule randomTickSpeed to 0.

Something similar happened to me: I was being teleported 5 blocks up with a command block in a Minecart on a powered activator rail. They activate every 4 game ticks.

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randomTickSpeed has absolutely nothing to do with activating command blocks. It affects only the random ticks responsible for growing plants and such. –  MrLemon May 20 at 8:45

If the command block is not at the spawn; type /kill.

But if one is at spawn just look down real quick and break it if you can.

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If all else fails, use /summon PrimedTnt to blow up the command block.

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This doesn't work. Command blocks have an incredibly high blast resistance, and won't be blown up by a single piece of TNT. The best that can be hoped for is to blow up the clock, but there are even clocks that can't be blown up (like a 20 Hz clock). –  MBraedley Jun 20 at 18:47

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