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First of all, I have little knowledge about hosting a dedicated public game server so I may be using some wrong terms in this question. Please correct me if you find something.

I know that we can host a COD server without having a valid CD key (by just selecting Start a server"... or something like that) but cannot join one - it kicks out. I think this is called a non-dedicated public server as it can be joined by users over internet.

There is also some way of hosting a dedicated public server, but I am not much sure about that.

Now, my questions -

  • Will the servers simply created by clicking on "Start a server" be visible by other users when they go to "Join a server"?

  • If not, I guess users who know my IP, port can join my server by going to COD terminal and typing

    connect IP:port

    Can users who don't have a valid CD key join?

I am sure they can't join the dedicated servers listed under Join a server section, but not much sure about the non-dedicated ones.

By the way, I have recently purchased the game and have a valid key. I am asking this to know if my other friends who don't yet have the game can play on our own non-dedicated servers over internet. I am not able to enjoy the game because of the high ping value due to absence of local dedicated servers. Please check Good public/dedicated call of duty servers list for players in India please!!

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Piracy is not on-topic here. – TZHX Feb 22 '11 at 11:41
Agree, unfortunately topics which center on piracy are not welcome as TZHX mentioned. The high ping aspect sucks, but the only way we could help you here would be to recommend having them purchase a valid key then hosting a server that way. – Ward Feb 22 '11 at 12:25
If it can't be done without resorting to piracy, merely reply "It can't be done without resorting to piracy." – badp Feb 22 '11 at 13:31
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It can't be done without resorting to piracy, and perhaps not then.

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