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So I'm out of food, my brewer got a little over excited and brewed EVERYTHING. What's the quickest way to make some more food? My dwarves are hungry!

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Brewing would have left seeds behind. Press 'z' to go to your fort overview and then get into the kitchen menu. Enable the cooking of whichever seeds you have most of, or that you don't have any plans to plant in your farms. Your cook will turn them into prepared meals. Then keep an eye on your seed stocks as you don't want your cook to get overexcited and cook all the seeds too.

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Gathering Herbs is the easiest way. If you're in a desert / tundra, breach the caverns and herbalize from there.

If you have extra cats, you may consider slaughtering them as well.

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Dwarves loooooove cat meat! – MikeyB Feb 24 '11 at 18:05

Some people frown upon it, but you can also enable cooking of booze.

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It's not so much frowned upon -- sunshine makes a /lovely/ marinade to spice up the cave wheat flour, dwarven syrup and quarry bush leaves roast -- it's that allowing booze to be cooked can lead to dorfs getting depressed due to a lack of alcohol. – Shadur Jun 7 '12 at 11:50

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