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I was playing Minecraft 1.6.2 survival mode (normal difficulty), and I built a house. Then I went far away to explore a cave. When I got back, part of my house had simply disappeared.

enter image description here

As you can see, a part of my house just vanished. There used to be walls and a roof, but not anymore.

enter image description here

The stranger thing is, the wooden floor just turned into a perfect square of dirt.

enter image description here

There also used to be a pond nearby, but part of the pond also turned into dirt. (as indicated by the redstone circuit.)

enter image description here

Fences are gone. My iron golem and a cat are nowhere to be found. The whole area encircled by the redstone simply turn into dirt.

I thought of a creeper explosion. Yes, I might have left the gate open, and yes a creeper might be able to sneak into the house, (if it managed to get pass my two cats). It seems unlikely that an explosion would occur. There is no hole on the ground, and the roof is gone too. I don't think the blast radius is that large. The house was fine when I left. Doesn't a creeper has to be near me to trigger an explosion?

I am really puzzled. Can somebody explain what happened? I would be very grateful.

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Creepers only damage an area of roughly 6*6 blocks, at least on sand. Different blocks resist explosions differently, for example, a creeper exploding on sand will cause more destruction than if it exploded on dirt. –  Sharain Jun 19 at 10:47
Did you have any chests in that chunk? That would suck –  Cruncher Jun 19 at 13:17
@Cruncher Fortunately no. shudder –  Tardis Jun 19 at 17:51
"Aliens took part of my house!" –  SysDragon Jun 20 at 6:40

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It most certainly was no creeper, creepers don't place dirt back.

It looks like chunk got reset. The minecraft world is infinite, but is internally stored in 16x16 "chunks" of land. The chunks you explored are saved to a file (so the more land you explore, the bigger your save file becomes), if this file gets lost, the game will regenerate the area and basically "reset" the land back to what it was before any player made modifications and without any items/entities(your cat and golem are entities). Another way a chunk could get reset is if a bug caused the game to think "this chunk doesn't exist yet", and then the game will regenerate the area.

The area that got reset in your case is a 16x16 block area (or a multiple of that, can't see if there are any other strange borders further out to the top of your picture).

If you had any mining shaft running through that area, they'll be refilled with stone too. The good part is that ores are replaced too! So if you remember finding diamonds right under that piece of land, they'll be replaced too!

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Thank you!! But why would a chunk reset itself? Is there anything i can do to prevent this from happening? –  Tardis Jun 19 at 9:42
Not much you can do, I think I've had it happen once since I play minecraft, and I've been playing since late alpha (2010) –  Arperum Jun 19 at 10:46
The only time this happened to me, it was because of a mod I was using that was buggy and inhibited proper saving. –  David Wilkins Jun 19 at 12:44
"by 16 wide and 16 high" I believe you mean "a 16 by 16 area". The height of a chunk is from bedrock to sky. So their height is 256 –  Richard Tingle Jun 19 at 12:50
I like to think that it was a once-in-a-lifetime coordination of Endermen. The Endermen strike force. –  asteri Jun 19 at 16:13

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