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Is the quest "You Only Die Once a Night" even possible without Celerity? I'm running back and forth between the two gates, and no matter how fast I blast these Zombies heads off, I'm just wasting too much time going back and forth, and they're making it out of the cemetery around the 2 minute mark every time?

I'm playing as a Tremere, so Celerity is off the table as an option. Running Community Patch 7.3 if that's relevant.

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So, I ended up stumbling across a borderline exploit that worked remarkably well for this:

As soon as you finish talking to Romero, run downhill, away from the gates, to the Mausoleum (where the tunnel to the Nosferatu warrens is), and run behind the Mausoleum. Chill out there, kill any Zombies that happen to find you, and wait until the clock is down to around 1:20 or so.

At about 1:20, run up to the lower gate and kill the zombies attacking it. Hold them off and keep them under control until the clock runs out. The upper gateway will remain safe through all of this and if you can keep the lower gate under control for about a minute, you'll win.

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why dont just use console and enter appropriate cheats... – Sejanus Mar 6 '11 at 0:09
I just tried it out - and you can just stay there, behind the mausoleum, for the full five minutes and win. Since the zombies never spawn when you aren't near and the mausoleum isn't near the gates, they never damage the gates. – Martin Sojka Nov 21 '11 at 19:26
It appears you need to be in the right corner of mausoleum (double rock corner, not near the wall). Only 3 zombies spawned when you there. While you directly behind mausoleum - zombies are still spawning at lower gates. – desudesudesu Jun 29 '15 at 19:17

It is possible to do so but it's very difficult. Try to target zombies that spawn near the gates, "auspex" should help indicate which ones are a priority. I found melee weapons worked better for me than guns. Don't let any of them get close to you however, if they grab you it takes too long to shrug them off.

Do you particularly want to do this quest? The alternative "Pimpin for Romero" is a lot easier.

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With the community patch, it's possible to do both as I understand it. More XP = More Better! – LessPop_MoreFizz Mar 1 '11 at 13:37

I guess I got lucky because I didn't have any problem with the quest. I had a rifle and took up a post between the two gates, running back and forth as needed to make the trickier shots. Of course I had pumped a fair number of skill points into firearms and such that that made it possible for me to get through it without celerity.

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I just beat it as a Tremere, and it was incredibly difficult. For most of it, I used a pistol, walking up close to each zombie allowing me to pop them in the head, which is a 1-hit kill no matter your firearms skill. At about 1:30 left, things started to get crazy and I ended up having to run back and forth between gates casting Boil blood twice (One cast will not kill all of the zombies). Obviously, I had to chug a few blood packs while I made my way to the other gate to repeat this process.

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It can only be finished with either good firearms (e.g. steyr gun or a sniper rifle and guns at 7 at least) or celerity at 5 (maybe 4) and melee/brawl and possibly with thaumaturgy (mainly blood boil) or other mass spell (but it would be extremely difficult). Unofficial patch has decreased the difficulty significantly. Check the 1.2 version or 1.02 and see for yourself.

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The fire axe is your friend. Or any other high damage melee weapon for that matter. I have never used firearms in this mission, they're slow and you have to hit the zombies in the head so use a melee weapon you can hit several zombies at once with instead. What you do is run between the two gates killing only the zombies near the gates, don't bother with the rest. You kill the zombies at each gate maybe 3 or 4 times then you're done. I don't even have celerity

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