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I want to restart my game but with about 500 Pokemon and most of them bred to have perfect IVs I don't really want to lose them. So I bought a 1 Year License for Pokemon Bank to "save everything".

My problem now is: It takes forever to move every single pokemon by hand. Is there some way to upload all boxes and if not: Can I speed up the process somehow?

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You can press start to select more Pokemon at once. In that way you can transfer box 1 in one go. So you cannot select all Pokemon or all boxes at once, but this is as fast as it'll go at the moment.

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Yep this is the only way to do it best I can tell. Be glad you're not moving from gen 5, where not only can you only move one box at a time, you can only move Box 1, and you have to swap between 3 games/apps each box to move it completely. Fun –  Ben Brocka Jul 1 at 13:14
Well, I wish this question existed a couple weeks back. –  Shadow Z. Jul 4 at 3:19
Are we talking about the same thing? I know of the arrow color (red/blue/green) that you can switch. Red selects single Pokémon and opens the menu, blue selects single Pokémon and immediately picks them up for moving, green selects a range of Pokémon, which can be used to select an entire box at once, but still requires somewhat more than "press start to transfer box 1 in one go". Is this green arrow what you mean in this answer? If so, you might want to clarify a little. –  scenia Jul 5 at 10:29

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