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I have found, shot down and survived destroying all the aliens that were in the Overseer. I have done this seven or eight times.

My question is why does The Objectives always say:

  • Build the Firestorm - Completed!
  • Intercept the Overseer UFO
  • Assault the Crashed Overseer UFO

I have intercepted and assaulted the Overseer UFO many times.

My research is complete. I can't start any new research. The Foundry is complete. I have no available projects. In the Situation Room 8/9 cities have one box filled 1 city has 2 boxes filled.

Again how may times do I need to Intercept and Assault the Overseer?

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You'll need to intercept and assault Overseer UFOs until you manage to clear the wreckage without destroying the Ethereal Device at the center of the UFO. Make sure you aren't blowing it up with explosives.

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Did not even know you could do that. – legacy Sep 5 '14 at 19:40

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