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I was playing a round of firestarter, on the day 3, full team We did it all stealthily and burned the money.

One guy started to sawing the boxes but next thing I knew all the boxes popped open.

One of the guys claims that in mastermind there is a hidden skill that makes unlocking one box opens all the others.

Is it actually a skill or was it a glitch or something?

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The guy was a cheater.

There is no skill in the mastermind tree (or any tree) that allows this.

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Bah too good to be true, thanks – Ratuki Jul 22 '14 at 6:44

That guy is definately a cheat or it is a known bug. there is a hack that does this however found here

LINK to someone using a similar hack

So unfortunately this is most likely a hacker and i would say don't play with him againenter image description here

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