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I have finished The Witcher 1 on PC a few years back and still have my final save I would like to import to the sequel. Now I'm playing The Witcher 2 on Mac, version downloaded from GOG.

Where should I put my Witcher 1 save so that it can be imported?

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You need to have a save created during the Ice Plains or Order of the Flaming Rose Cloister portions of the Epilogue. The Witcher 2 recognizes only saves made before the last fight.

The save should be located under:

"~/Library/com.cdprojektred.TheWitcher/The Witcher/Saves/"

and the game save files should have a name like the following:

xxxxxx - Order of the Flaming Rose-xxx.TheWitcherSave

where xxxxxx is a serial number for the save.

Then, in TW2, select "New Game" then "Import Witcher 1 Save" from the main menu to import TW1 save.

Further info and files path for PC can be found here.

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Great, thanks! Funny thing, I had already tried that before asking the question, but apparently the problem was that my save was called "Zakon Płonącej róży" instead of "Order of the Flaming Rose" and it was not recognized (probably because of Polish characters). –  siledh Aug 2 '14 at 15:56

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