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I've been playing the Humble version of Shovel Knight a number of times before switching to the Steam version. They both share the %APPDATA%\Yacht Club Games\Shovel Knight for storing settings and save games, so my progress and feats are still there. Which is good.

But I started playing the Steam version in hopes of getting the achievements tied to feats. Since I already got quite a number of the feats, what would I need to do to unlock their respective achievements?

Should I simply perform the same feat again, start a new game, or even wipe my progress and settings?

Feats screenshot

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Not sure how I missed it at first, but only after posting the screenshot that I took did I notice the "F4 Steam sync" text in the top-right corner of the feats screen.

F4 Steam sync

After pressing F4 on that screen, all my precious feats were immediately copied to my Steam achievements! Yay!

Steam achievements

I'm gonna go out on a limb and assume this should also work for the GoG version, since it uses the same directory for settings and save games.

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